Stellaris: Ancient Relics DLC – Shovels and Starships

Tales to Astound The accounts of the Uoami and future space adventures can be found on the Twitch page of Old Man Mordaith. Putting down his copy of the Daily Discovery, Sir Maxwell Thistlebrush – hero, adventurer, philanthropist, and leader of the Uoami Research Society – glanced at his faithful companion, Percival Reginald, Esq, who… Read More

Shock Tactics: Overshadowed and Underdeveloped

Prepare for Deployment People who know me, know I have a tendency to proclaim how bad at video games I am. I mean, I love them, but I do not play to the standards of a professional. My choices are suspect, my designs often flawed, and my builds are usually non-optimal. A notable exception was… Read More