Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom – A Troubled World

An Embattled Beauty Shiness: The Lightining Kingdom was created by the French indie studio Enigami. While published by the well recognized company that is Focus Home Interactive, this would be the ambitious first project for Enigami. Going to Kickstarter in May of 2014, the game eventually earned a bit over 130,000 dollars, surpassing it’s 100,000… Read More

Battle Brothers hires on a familiar score of mechanics in an dangerous world.

For Gold and Glory. Battle Brothers is a single-player military stragety/rpg set in a low fantasy setting, developed by indie publisher Overhype Studios. When I read that this was a mercenary game with a character levelling system, I honestly expected something like Final Fantasy Tactics. What I got was something completely different than my expectations,… Read More

Mass Effect Andromeda reaches for the stars but barely gets off the launch pad.

A Heleus Cluster F**K So the long awaited Mass Effect Andromeda finally crawls out of cryo and is greeted with a sea of problems. Art imitating life, this game is as embattled as its protagonist. While I will avoid spilling the beans on plot points, there are mechanical aspects to the game that I wish… Read More