Stellaris: Ancient Relics DLC – Shovels and Starships

Tales to Astound The accounts of the Uoami and future space adventures can be found on the Twitch page of Old Man Mordaith. Putting down his copy of the Daily Discovery, Sir Maxwell Thistlebrush – hero, adventurer, philanthropist, and leader of the Uoami Research Society – glanced at his faithful companion, Percival Reginald, Esq, who… Read More

Review – Synthetic Dawn: Stellaris Story pack DLC

Built to Serve A forgotten system now called SI-1, on a distant world only known as Master Conduit, the Omni Helperbots worked diligently in perfecting hyperspace travel. Until now, they were content caring for the organics of their home world. The forcibly pampered lifeforms that gave them… The Purpose. Through math and logic, steel and… Read More

Utopia: Stellaris moves towards paradise

The Journey to Utopia Changes Us All The Lagmog people climbed into space as one would expect of giant, musle-bound, crusading rabbits: with caution but curiosity. In search for their ancient enemies, the dreaded Avians known as the Qix’Lufran, they named their empire The Warren of Hope and began their galactic quest. It was no… Read More