Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom – A Troubled World

An Embattled Beauty Shiness: The Lightining Kingdom was created by the French indie studio Enigami. While published by the well recognized company that is Focus Home Interactive, this would be the ambitious first project for Enigami. Going to Kickstarter in May of 2014, the game eventually earned a bit over 130,000 dollars, surpassing it’s 100,000… Read More

Themed on Indian Mythology, Asura Hits like Divine Retribution

Yogis, Generals, Daeva and You Right off the bat, I started asking who the villain of this game was supposed to be. Was it the heavenly Daeva with their making morally questionable choices? Or was it the Rhaksasha-empowered Asura, controlled by me, laying seige to the heavenly realms as a one man army? Normally in… Read More