Immortal Planet Threatens to Steal our Souls

Getting Souled Immortal Planet is the product of teedoubleuGAMES, and for the only title they have on Steam it’s a formidable first outing. I did a small Learning Curve series with this, and knew nothing of it going in. What I thought I was getting was something more like Asura, a hack and slash Rogue-like… Read More

Review – Synthetic Dawn: Stellaris Story pack DLC

Built to Serve A forgotten system now called SI-1, on a distant world only known as Master Conduit, the Omni Helperbots worked diligently in perfecting hyperspace travel. Until now, they were content caring for the organics of their home world. The forcibly pampered lifeforms that gave them… The Purpose. Through math and logic, steel and… Read More

No Baby Steps with Children of Zodiarcs

When a new product rises from the depths and starts tempting us old salts with it’s angler fish like lures, we can get a bit nervous. They start promising “love letters” or “spiritual successors” and that can lead us down a path of broken hearts and bitter dreams. With that in mind, while I love… Read More